Your Guide to Buying a Coral Gables Waterfront Estate


The ins and outs of beachfront buying

Florida’s southeastern coast boasts some of the most pristine waterfront views in the nation, and the immaculate estates in Coral Gables provide outstanding oceanfront scenery. With 42 miles of coastline, including canals, Coral Gables boasts plentiful options for waterfront living, but before you sign on your dream house, you’ll want to make sure all the boxes are checked. Here are five key things to keep in mind when buying a waterfront estate in Coral Gables.

1. Check the Sea Wall

Your home’s sea wall directly correlates to the safety and longevity of your house, so it’s imperative to undergo a sea wall inspection. Having a specialist perform this inspection will confirm the structural integrity of your home as well as grant you peace of mind. Purchasing a waterfront house requires routine inspections for optimal safety. 

2. Complete a Land Survey

As with any property, it is vital to understand the physical limits of your purchase. However, grasping the boundaries of your waterfront property is particularly important to discern whether or not you own any portion of the beach or water so that you can make informed decisions regarding construction.

3. Consider the Type of Waterfront

Coral Gables has both oceanfront and canal adjacent properties, so make sure you know which type of waterfront you prefer. Avid boaters will likely want to live in a property with direct ocean access, which might mean avoiding properties nestled among the narrow canals.

4. Get the Proper Protection

Living on the Atlantic coast can be a dream come true, but don’t forget to plan for rainy days. Waterfront living requires a few insurance policies that might get overlooked for landlocked properties, such as doubling down on flood insurance, purchasing a general hazard policy, and preparing for a higher exposure to strong winds. These additional coverages are typically reflected in the overall higher cost of the homeowners’ insurance. Finding the right insurance coverages will keep your house standing strong for years to come.

5. Be Prepared for Change

A sturdy foundation, preparation for soil erosion, and a proper inspection are imperative to the future success of your waterfront property. However, it is important to keep in mind when buying on the water that your lot is inevitably bound to change as tides shift, sea levels rise or fall, or water use and wildlife protection regulations may impact the way you use your land. 

When you’re ready to call stunning Coral Gables real estate home, Contact me for more information. I’d love to find a slice of Miami luxury real estate that fits your lifestyle. 
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