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The average sale price for homes in Pinecrest is up 42% vs. last year. The average days on the market has gone down 45% reflecting the lack of availability. Homes in our neighborhood are selling for a higher price point at a much quicker rate. So, what is making people so interested in moving to our neck of the woods?

Well, The Village location minutes away from Biscayne Bay make it very desirable. Space and lush landscaping add to the beauty of the area. Pinecrest was the home to The Parrot Jungle, where tropical species of plant and animal life were protected. This was South Florida’s earliest and iconic Tourist attraction. Although this tropical garden was a home to several parrot species and exotic trees, Hurricane Andrew destroyed a majority of the facility and the parrots became free. Many of these parrots still fly over The Village and can be seen around town, making it a kind of oasis away from the city. Pinecrest was elected by USA today as the “best city to live in”. With this rich history of natural life, and a mix of high performing schools, and abundance of natural parks, you can see why we were given this award. 


Our vibrant community boasting a family-oriented lifestyle keeps on bringing in new relocators. Those who are looking for a place to raise a family can’t ignore the performance of Pinecrest schools, both public and private. When looking at schools in Florida, Pinecrest schools are regularly at the top of the list for sending students to Ivy League institutions. 


The number of notable tennis clubs and public parks around Pinecrest also give children the ability to join a number of sports teams. The various tennis clubs around our neighborhood also offer programs for adults to enjoy, including adult leagues, clinics, and wellness programs. As a very health-conscious city, people of Pinecrest enjoy getting out and going outdoors, which is why you can see large groups of bicyclists and joggers paving the natural trails around the area. 


This special cove of South Florida is unlike any other. People from all over are paying top dollar to join the tight-knit community. Values for homes are continuing to grow, and with more international buyers planning on entering the market in 2022, we are excited to grow and meet so many new neighbors.

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