International Studies Preparatory Academy: Bilingual Public Education in Italian, French and Spanish

The International Studies Preparatory Academy is listed as one of Miami’s Premier Public High Schools . As a bilingual high school, ISPA offers intensive language programs in Italian, Spanish and French.


The International Education Program focuses on acquiring the language skills of French and Italian, and does not require proficiency upon applying. The program encourages cultural integration and students being regularly exposed to the cultural norms of other countries. In the secondary years, students will move towards advanced fluency of their language as they take accelerated high school level language courses. This program focuses on culture and expression in the language selected. 


The International Studies Program requires a proficiency test at the Mastery Level. In the secondary years of this program, students will surpass advanced fluency levels as they take accelerated high school and college level language courses in preparation for the post-secondary portion of this program. This program is implemented with the Ministries of Education in the countries of Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Students in this program are immersed in the language for a minimum of 12 hours per week. This program leads to the Dual Diploma from the country of that language. 

So, how do you apply to this prestigious program?

Begin by submitting an application to Schools of Choice before the January 15th deadline of the year that you are applying to begin. Private and Charter students who are not enrolled in M-DCPS must also submit a transcript for the previous and current school year, and send it directly to ISPA. Students applying in the 9th grade must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher in the 7th and 8th grade core curriculum. Students applying to 9th grade must currently be enrolled in Algebra I and Physical Science and passing with at least a C at the time of application. Students applying to the 10th grade must have had an overall GPA above 2.5 in the 8th and 9th grades. Students applying to the 10th grade must also be currently enrolled in Geometry and Biology and passing with a C at the time of applications. All students applying must have no grade lower than a C in Conduct in any course and must maintain above average conduct grades while in the program. Students must not have more than 5 absences in the first semester or 10 absences in the entire school year. 

Students applying for the International Studies Program must have a Mastery of Language Proficiency in the modern language which they are applying for. Students applying for the International Education Program are not required to have the Mastery of Language Proficiency. 

See Below for the proficiency requirements and testing for each language program:


  1. International Studies Italian (IS Italian): Proficiency Test Required
  2. International Studies Spanish (IS Spanish): Proficiency Test Required
  3. International Studies French (IS French): Proficiency Test Required
  4. International Education French (IE French): Proficiency Test NOT Required

International Education Italian (IE Italian): Proficiency Test NOT Required

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