International Studies Charter School: Bilingual Public Education in Italian, French and Spanish

The International Studied Charter School was founded in 2004 by the ministries of education from the French, Italian and Spanish Consulate, as well as in conjunction with Academia Corporation so that students in elementary International Studies can continue through ISCHS. 

The French program (Programme Français) is the only 6th -12th program in Miami accredited by the French Ministry of National Education intended for students who are already fluent in French. ISCHS is also a member of the AEFE (Agency for French education abroad). Each student will receive two diplomas, the High School Diploma and the French Baccalaureate. All classes are Honors and AP Classes. Due to the strong academic level of the French Baccalaureate, the double curriculum in American and French allows the possibility of obtaining university credits from Ivy League universities where students can benefit from up to a year of credit at the University of Florida, among others. This will also allow the integration of any student into the French University system without having to take a preliminary exam. 

In the 11th and 12th grade, students in the French Program choose a specialty: 



Political science, geography, geopolitics and history

Economics and social sciences

In order to apply to ISCHS, students do not have to live within a certain area, and can apply from abroad. Applications open in early October on the ISCHS website. The entrance test is mandatory for applicants of all programs and all incoming schools. The French program entrance test evaluates students in French and mathematics (in French) for grades 6 to 10. It evaluates English, French and mathematics (in French) for grades 11 and 12.

For local applicants, a session is organized in early January at ISCHS. For applicants living abroad, the test can be taken in the current school of the student. b) Admissions during the school year Please contact the school to verify if there is a spot available in the requested grade level. c) Tuition fees ISCHS is a public school. There are no tuition fees. Textbooks are provided by the school. The program is financed by public funding from the State of Florida. The French program parents association (FIPA) is a key stakeholder in the program’s life and its sustainability.



ISCHS also has a program in Italian International Studies. This is a beginner program, where students entering should have some to no familiarity with the language. They are also able to take the AP Italian Language Test which is a requirement for Italian University, should they choose to enroll in the future. 


The ISCHS Spanish program will allow students to obtain a dual degree from both Spain and the United States. This program is also a beginner program. The program follows the Spanish curriculum which implements Spanish Language and Literature along with Geography and History classes, both in the target language. Moreover, students are also able to take two AP classes: AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish literature. 


Both the Spanish and Italian programs do require entrance exams, however they are given in English.

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