Get to Know the Most Successful Architects in Miami

Miami’s breathtaking estates and dreamy commercial districts give the city an architectural appeal unlike anywhere else and are the work of some of the area’s most outstanding architects. As an expert in waterfront properties, Jane Bark Barrellier and her team recognize the incredible architectural feats these designers have accomplished. If you’re interested in purchasing a one-of-a-kind home in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, or Pinecrest, Jane can help you find the perfect architect. To get started on the journey to your dream home, here are seven architects in the Miami area you can’t miss. 

Cesar Molina

Cesar Molina of CMA Design Studio, Inc. is a Coral Gables architect who thrives on luxury residential and resort design. Molina’s keen eye for coastally-inspired textures and materials work in tandem with Miami’s climate to create stunning designs that are perfectly adapted to the area.

Giorgio Balli

Spearheaded by Giorgio Balli and his father, Giorgio Balli Sr., Balli Group is a boutique architecture firm that brings over 80 years of architectural experience to the table. With a holistic approach to design, Balli incorporates thoughtful construction, development, and design into every plan. 

Kobi Karp

Kobi Karp of Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design has established an outstanding report with clients to help actualize their dreams for modern architecture. With an emphasis on effective planning, KKAID is determined to deliver budget-appropriate projects on time every time. 

Max Strang

Max Strang’s environmentally-conscious modern architectural style has been honed over 22 years of service. Strang is the founding principal of Strang Design, which rests its foundations on resilient, sustainable building practices that emphasize natural materials and conscientious design. In 2019, Strang was awarded the Medal of Honor for Design by the Florida chapter of the American Institute of Architecture, and Strang Design has accumulated 42 prestigious awards over the years. 

Rafael Portuondo

Rafael Portuondo of Portuondo Perotti Architects is considered to be one of America’s foremost designers for classical architecture. Portuondo studied at the University of Miami before earning a graduate degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, and his style consistently looks to antiquated European design for influence. 

Ralph Choeff

A founding principal of Choeff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design, Ralph Choeff has been an established Miami architect since graduating from Pratt Institute in 1978. Specializing in modern architecture, Choeff’s constructions often push the boundaries of residential design to create buildings that are both captivating and comfortable. 

Ramon Pacheco

Ramon Pacheco is a cornerstone in Miami architecture. A founding principal of Pacheco-Martinez & Associates, Pacheco has over 40 years of architectural experience and has won numerous awards from the American Institute of Architects. With experience designing single- and multi-family residences, commercial facilities, and religious institutions, Pacheco is a well-rounded architect with a smart eye for functional and fashionable design.

Miami’s designers create a stunning architectural landscape. If you’re interested in learning more about Miami real estate or Miami homes for sale, contact us today for more information. 

*Header Photo Credit: Cesar Molina


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