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This South Miami studio is known for their intense treadmill and weight-lifting workouts. In class, you will work on endurance and strength, alternating from treadmill sprints to lifting weights or doing another floor workout. These classes will get your heart rate and energy up with a motivating environment. The studio also has a cafe inside when you’re ready for a post-workout snack. 


Antidote Lab


Located in Pinecrest, off of South Dixie Highway, this studio gym provides intense workout classes that will consist of 4 heart-monitored metabolic rounds for 12 minutes each, with methodically timed breaks in between. Short, smart bouts of structural and compound exercise are combined with isolated weight training, running, climbing, and punching. Members also gain access to the Recovery Lab, which has infrared saunas, compression boots, massage therapy guns & balls, stretch bars.

Casa Vinyasa


This South Miami yoga studio is well-known around the city for it’s educated teachers and welcoming vibes. When the owners started, they had the goal of creating a space that felt like a home to students. They offer classes from beginner to advanced. They also have a wide variety of yoga classes, from the deep stretching of Yin Yoga, to the fast-paced Power Vinyasa. You can also take a class online in their virtual studio!




TREMBLE's popular pilates program has spread far and wide around Miami, from North Miami, to Brickell, and all the way down to South Miami off of South Dixie Highway. The reformer pilates classes combine high intensity and low impact to ensure that you have a safe, full body workout. Their small class sizes, and boutique studios are designed to ensure that each student gets the attention they need throughout their class.


Pinecrest Community Center

Daily Indoor and Outdoor Classes are offered at the Pinecrest Community Center, Coral Pine Park, and Evelyn Greer Park. The classes include Spinning, TRX, Yoga, Self-defense and Zumba. The gym also offers a full line of strength and cardio equipment should you want to workout outside of the provided classes.



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