Coconut Grove Elementary: Bilingual Public Education in French and Spanish

Public Elementary School, Coconut Grove Elementary, offers both French and Spanish bilingual programs. The school's French International Studies program is open to both non-native speakers and native French speakers. The students in this program receive an hour of French immersion every school day except for Wednesday’s where the students have a support hour. In the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, the French language is integrated into classes: Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. This provides an extra hour of French language instruction, and is provided after school every day, except Wednesday’s. The program is taught according to the standards of the French Ministry of Education, and aims to create students who are fully bilingual, or trilingual in the French language. 

Living in Miami, many parents also desire that their students learn Spanish as another language. At Coconut Grove Elementary, they pride themselves on a rigorous Spanish Program. This program is incorporated into the academic curriculum beginning in Kindergarten. As part of the World Language Program, students will develop the skills of Spanish reading and language arts. 

Most students that attend this school do live within the physical boundaries of the district, however, the student can request a transfer by applying to the Central Region Office. Also, not every student is admitted into the FIPA French Program.  As a parent you must request that your student is entered into the program. Also, in the 1st grade there is no testing or foreign language requirement for the FIPA program. However, students entering from the 2nd to the 5th grade will need to take a French language proficiency exam. There is no beginner level program after the 1st grade. Students who meet the language proficiency standards will then be randomly selected to join the French program.  

After completing their time at Coconut Grove Elementary, students have the opportunity to continue their international and bilingual education at G.W. Carver Middle School or ISCHS. 

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