Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart: Bilingual Private Education in Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart begins at age 3 in their Montessori Program, and goes all the way up to high school. As a private, all girl’s, Catholic School, Carrollton prides itself on educating the future women leaders of the world. 

The study of Mandarin begins in the Montessori program. Mandarin Chinese is offered to the Kindergarten students twice a week. As one of the three world languages, Chinese introduces the children to communication in a verbal and auditory method of instruction, which includes communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities within the language. The Montessori curriculum also helps educate the young students on other cultures around the world. 


In the Primary program (Grades 1-3), students continue their Chinese language education- developing their Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The students will also continue to learn how to type in Chinese in the third grade. The students will learn to enjoy and appreciate Chinese culture.


The students in the Primary program are also introduced to Spanish, working on vocabulary and sentence structure in the 1st and 2nd grade. In the 3rd grade the Spanish classes are broken up into non-native and native speakers. Native speakers will work on reading comprehension, phonics, sentence structure and grammars. Non-native learners will be introduced to the culture and main landmarks of several Spanish-speaking countries. These students will work on their vocabulary and sentence structures. 


The Intermediate Program (Grades 4-6) continues expanding on Mandarin Chinese, where the 6th grade students are broken up into Beginner and Advanced level Mandarin classes. Students are also expanding their Spanish, in Spanish I and Spanish II level classes offered across all grades. In the 6th grade, students will be introduced to French. This class is an introduction to French language and culture with basic vocabulary and sentence structure. The students will experience all language skills in French: reading, writing, speaking and listening for understanding. The language classes encourage the students to only speak that language while in that class. 


In Junior High (Grades 7-8), students have access to Spanish I and II classes, French I and II classes, and Mandarin I and II classes based on their skill levels. 


In Upper School (9-12), students are able to take Honors French, Mandarin and Spanish. These programs are available in level III and level IV, depending on the prerequisites of the student. There are also AP classes that go into more creative aspects of these languages, such as Spanish film classes, Mandarin for Business, French Music and Cinema. The use of the target language is required in all language courses.

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